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After more reboots of the SLES 12 SP4 box and more waiting, the RMT Database never reflected the change in the hostname. I finally had to use the
SUSEConnect --url https://nsi-rmt.netsysint.net/
command to re-register the SLES 12 SP4 box with the RMT Server. But when I query the hw_infos table there are two rows that have the exact same uuid; and in the systems table there is still a record for the "install" hostname along with one for the new sles12sp4-rmt registration event.
In order to update the hostname, change it on the client system and run SUSEConnect command without any parameters. The following message will be displayed:

Updating system details on http://your.rmt.server ...
...and hostname will be updated in RMT DB.

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My questions are as follows:
  1. Is there some RMT client-side code that should run at boot-up to send updated information to the RMT Server? If so what is it?
  2. How often does the RMT server code update / clean-up the rmt database?
  3. And - will RMT ever delete the record information for the "install" hostname or does that have to be cleaned up manually by directly connecting to the database?
  • No code is executed automatically on client instances (unless you automate it yourself, that is), all operations related to registration, de-registration or migration of client systems are done manually with SUSEConnect.
  • Registration data is never removed from RMT database unless you manually de-register the client system with SUSEConnect --de-register command. Removal of systems from RMT side has been requested/discussed, but it hasn't been implemented yet: https://github.com/SUSE/rmt/issues/434

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