since SLES15 is the directory server 398-ds the new standard, openldap2 is still available in SLE-Module-Legacy but shall not be maintained during the whole lifecycle of SLES15.

Renewing some customer systems which make use of openldap2-server I am trying to use 389-ds instead. Installed the package 389-ds works fine.

But then the process stops. There is no client package (389-admin, 389-console)?

I found no information within the SLES15 docs regarding 389-ds or for the migration (data and handling) from openldap2 to 389-ds.

I searched in the web for first experiences for 389-ds on SLES15 but did not found useful hints.

Is somebody here with some experience to use 389-ds instead of openldap2 on top of SLES15? Or can someone point me the documentation (or do I have to use redhat documenation)?