I recently updated the systemd RPM on my SLES12 SP3 machine, and wanted to review the changes:

rpm --changelog -q systemd

The changelog seems quite detailed, but I'm trying to correlate the misc messages/ IDs numbers to some bug database / git repo / whatever, so I can see what's addressed.

For example:

* Mon Apr 29 2019 fbui@suse.com
- Import commit f35c6dc530aa46d1ed68cc9d191c790474049f8e

I think that's a git commit number. But, when I try to search across all of github for that commit ID, I can't find any hits:

What are these bsc numbers?

fc332d83ad core: only watch processes when it's really necessary (bsc#955942 bsc#1128657)

What's a jsc number?

- systemd-coredump: generate a stack trace of all core dumps (jsc#SLE-5933)

etc. There are many mysterious tags, and I'm trying to track down if any of the applied changes pertain to symptom's I'm seeing.

Thanks in advance...