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Sorry for the delay, been busy with the prep for school year to start, and the notification email of reply got buried.

One job only runs this command nightly.

rm -f /opt/carsi/spool/*/.spllock

which cleans up some files that our ERP sometime doesn't auto-delete. I can't post the actual job per policy here. but is a basic few line job.

You mentions systemd, I don't know much about that. On HP-UX we use to be able to set the cron log level, and I read some Linux have similar settings. It seems suse doesn't.

Hi John
Look at scripting your command and add the logger command, eg;

logger "Starting cleanup of spllock"
rm -f /opt/carsi/spool/*/.spllock
logger "Finished cleanup of spllock"
You will get an entry like;

Aug 27 16:35:56 hostname username[13724]: Starting cleanup of spllock
Aug 27 16:36:07 hostname username[14035]: Finished cleanup of spllock
Make executable (chmod 0700) and save the file in /etc/cron.daily you can configure the daily time for cron to run, else save the script somewhere eg /usr/locsl/sbin and call the script with time and date in the crontab.

Use the man page for logger to see other options eg perhaps a /var/log/spllock.log file (don't forget a logrotate file )