I am trying out SUSE Manager and I am close to a nervous breakdown. First of all: yes I do have all my license/mirroring codes and SMT mirrors perfect in our environment.

First problem is the update:
I installed the evaluation available and then tried to update - which fails. When I try the update right after installing the server before configuring SUSE Manager I do not have access to e.g. the "SUSE Manager Tools"-Channel. When I update the server after configuring and synching the available channels I get an error about the schema update and an "unexpected CREATE statement" in one of the SQL-files.

Second and more urgent problem is the "SUSE Manager" channel. Even without the update, retrieving those channels for whatever OS-flavour fails: "Retrieving 'repodata/repomd.xml' failed: File not found in repository <...>"

Any ideas?

Greetings from Germany