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My customer is asking if SUSE OpenStack 9 supports SDN
- control physical TOR (Top-Of-Rack) switches via API, and it's HW compatibility List (HCL)

I know pure OpenStack supports various physical switches via Neutron's plugin, but vendor OpenStack may have different supported H/W list.

Do SUSE SOC 9 has supported TOR switch list (and API / supported feature list)?
And supported Driver list page?

Thank you!
What might help most would be to determine what specific functionality the customer is really looking for. SDN is a bit different than controlling TOR switches, and there are specific types of TOR functionality the customer may want. The simplest thing to propose would be a use of the genericswitch driver with Neutron which would eliminate the need for SDN and would provision VLANs on the TOR switches automatically. Complexity goes up from there as SDN is added into the equation.

Can you start there and then check back with us once we have the customer's answer or specific use cases they're trying to support?


Mark Darnell
Senior Product Manager, Networking