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  1. Re: FENCE_SCSI RESOURCE CREATION: unknown error

    1) Never use naming like /dev/sdb - this is not a persistent name and might change in future reboots - you can use /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-...
    If your device is under multipath -use multipath device without friendly names (unless you have mapped wwids to friendly name and the setup is consistent on both nodes).
    For multiple devices you can use "," to separate them.
    2) Is your storage allowing you to use SCSI persistent reservations?
    3) As the error states you lack some vital information for the fencing mechanism to work
    Check all options via:
    crm ra info stonith:fence_scsi
    The data bellow is based on memory and could be wrong , check all options via the 'crm ra' command above!

    So you might need pcmk_host_list="node1 node2 nodeN"
    All nodes should be listed here.
    This allows us to 'off' the node instead of a reboot.
    meta provides="unfencing"
    This tells stonith-ng to "on" action on unfence.
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