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Man, you're a life-saver!!!
Thank you so much!!!

We were able to boot to Gnome after deleting several snapshots and was able to run balance command.

If you don't mind, I would also like to clarify below(sorry,still a newbie)
1. I'm aware that we need to free-up space but is it possible that the metadata can fill up due to system activities(system update, crash logs, etc.)
2. I just tried transferring(cut and paste) 20Gb of files(from /usr/sap/ folder) to another partition but only around 5Gb has been freed up and %Use is still the same. Do I need to run the balance command again? Is this a maintenance thing I should perform regularly?

Again, thank you so much!
You need to look at the snapper config file in /etc/snapper/configs/root and modify the amount of snapshots kept, clean up snapshots again and run the balance routines a few times should help.