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Hello ,

I have a scenario where in i have to patch the server running a application (SLES12sp3) . The server is build with limited set of rpm's . Now i need to find out a way so that i can search for updates and download only rpm's specified . For example 300 rpm's specified in a file as a input to zypper .
I have enrolled for free subscription on SUSE and got 60 day free period for trying this case.Till now i am not getting this job done .
Any help would be helpfull.
Hi and welcome to the Forum
I would suggest grabbing the one year developer (free) license, de-register the system and then re-register with your developer code to give some extra time....

You could just download all the updates with zypper --download-only, either all or just patches with --type patch option to the zypper cache and then move them to a plain directory repository to stage your updates.