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Is there some way to get SLED15 to have a working copy of Virtualbox with the matching guest tools?

I can't seem to get the guest tools to work at 6.0.12-* because of some missing part that I can't find a repository that has it. And I've gone to Oracle to go back to the level I'm running and the guest tools will not install because of some mismatch (it has been over a week since I tried this, and am finally able to get back to this today -- so much for my hour to spend on this).

This gets frustrating. But SLED15 itself is well worth the money I am spending for the subscription and SLED12 SP4 for my wife's system (we like boring, just work, systems).

Well to save all the heartache, switch to KVM? It's all I use here (well qemu) as well as the ability to pass an nvidia card through to the virtual machines....