Hi. Yesterday I downloaded Enterprise 15 DVD1 and DVD2 and ran an install on my laptop booting through the DVD. I managed to partition the Windows drive and so far it was smooth. Installation took place subsequently. I used DVD1 to do so. Subsequently it went into the command prompt and not a GUI. I logged in using the user details I registered while installation. However, i have no idea how to get the GUI to start up. I went back to boot and tried to restart using my DVD but the DVD option for booting was no longer available! Now i fortunately still have my windows partition and its working, but I have no understanding of how to complete the Suse installation to get the GUI to work and I dont know how to get my DVD to be bootable again.
Totally Stumped! Please advise as i'm a total novice and was keen to get out from Microsoft and try out linux for the first time...! Would love to use it if it works!