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That may certainly work, but doesn't solve the issue.
Migrate of a M/S resource should switch the roles from M/S to S/M and not auto create a location constraint ban.

The DRBD M/S resources should be kept alive on both hosts to keep the replication going.
Only on a standby or a server down should the DRDB M/S be in non-replication and then when brought back online be in replication

How can I stop the auto creation of a location constraint ban?
The constraint is how the cluster decides where to place the resource. The cli-ban constraint normally get's created when a "node name" location is not provided so it's essentially moving the resource away from a node with the "-inf" location constraint.
If you use "crm resource migrate <ms resource> <node name>" it will create the cli-location constraint with a "inf" of the <node name> specified so it will prefer this node.

If you don't want any constraints, then you need to use the cluster standby mode which is only in standby mode for the time it takes for resources to move over and then you can mark the node back online to start resources again which will start the replication again. This is normally done in less than a minute.