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Does anyone know or can confirm that the root.hint file that comes with SUSE's bind package gets updated?

I just downloaded the db.cache file from ftp.rs.internic.net and it is a little different form the root.hints file from SUSE.
Just wondering if I should be addressing this difference or not.
Checking the last two bind updates released for SLES15, 2550 (bind-9.11.2-12.13.2) and 1407 (bind-9.11.2-12.11.2), the contents of /var/lib/named/root.hint remained the same but the date and time stamps of each file was updated.

For these two checked updates there are two differences between root.hint and db.cache currently available for download - one is that the IPv4 address for B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET has changed and the second is cosmetic as comments updated to reflect later version.

If you replace root.hint with a downloaded and renamed db.cache it's possible a later bind update will replace it.