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How did you add the repository, do you have a link?

I normally use the following for third party repositories so it uses and imports the key;

zypper ar -f -g -n "Name of Repo" <url to folder with *.repo present> <repo-alias-to-use>
I tried to do it the way Oracle said and it fails.

The CEO of AT&T once said, to a group of us, Why is it so **** hard to work here?

I love Linux, and in particular SUSE. I've used many other distros. I'm not working on the bleeding edge -- When I did that, I was writing the code to make a machine match the architecture as published by IBM for the S/370-XA machines. I know what the bleeding edge is. This ain't it.

Yet I keep falling over things that I just don't have time to deal with. This is why I stopped using Open SUSE and went to SLED. At least on my installs now, I don't have to battle to get RAID working, ethernet adapters to work, etc.

That said, why is it so **** hard to get a repository into the system? Did Oracle just decide to give up? I am tired of jumping back and forth between VMware and Vbox. Zen and the others just don't seem to be friendly. I'm not wanting to install a Hypervisor to then install SLED and then W10. I want W10 as a Guest under SLED.

Meanwhile I am going to migrate off to 15 SP1. And we will see how that goes.