I am attempting to install an Oracle Virtualbox "package" because the guest tools and the Virtualbox package Yast has available do not match (SLED15)

In attempting to do this, I get a notification that the install has a security problem (the keys are not recognized/don't match...).

Ok, so I checked with Oracle and get a PGP Public Key. I don't seem to have a way to import this, and Yast is not finding anything that means anything to me (I do most of my work on z/Architecture, z/OS systems and so I'm much more familiar with the NON-POSIX world), so I'm just not understanding how to import this key.

What is it that I need to do so that I can get this key imported so "Yast" can be happy with this package/install (and I don't over ride things unless I know I have a valid reason to do it)?