On 30/08/2012 13:12, George wrote:
> Vendors often knowingly lie about anything additional that is necessary
> that will increase the cost to implement whatever they are selling and
> it works.

Sadly, its largely because most vendors assume that CALs are a "sunk
cost" - for convenience of course, but usually in a MS monoculture shop,
every device *already* needs a CAL, so they can at least claim the
incremental cost of CALs for them is zero (if you already have them).

Only in cases where a device that wouldn't normally use a CAL (Or
reasonably could be expected to not do so without needing access to the
vendor's software, such as data capture devices for a warehousing
system) does that one play thin.

Its one of the insidious things about the constant demand for Exchange
as the email solution of choice - once you have sunk cash on CALs for
every device, mobile or fixed, the additional cost to provide
Sharepoint, f&p etc for those same nodes is only for the server and
package itself - no further CALs are required, and the cost of having
provided them is, in itself, leverage to further utilize MS solutions to
get ROI on that large initial investment in access to the MS world.