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I have an old SuSE12sp4 server running XEN virtualization with two VM's (Novell GW-Mobility and GW-Webaccess)...all stock standard, nothing fancy. I now install SuSE12sp4 on some new hardware and config the machine for XEN virtualization .... all good.

I shut down the VM's and copy the image to the new server (/var/lib/libvirt/images) then run "vm-install" in a terminal and do the "I have a disk or disk image" to import the VM's into the new system. Both VM's start and within 5 seconds the VM's shutdown for no reason. I cannot find anything in the log files (if I am looking in the right place) but if I take a Windoze (2012 or 2016 server) the VM loads without an issue.

ideas, help, comments or laughter most welcome,
John (going slightly mad) Gill
Hi John,

just a quick shot, have you checked the image's permissions after copying it to the new server? Although I would expect to find a hint in the logs if that was the case.