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Yes the link was the only one I found for you hardware, you should be able to just use a USB device with the driver on it, during the first part of the install at grub, there should be an option to add a driver by browsing to the directory on the USB device.
I tried the ISO file provided by SUSE I followed the installation instructions:

Media installation

Download the ISO image above.
Burn it to an empty CD/DVD media.
Start the installation using the new CD/DVD medi, having the standard SUSE Linux Enterprise media at hand or a URL to a network installation server.
If doing a network install, enter the URL of the network install source on the boot command line using the 'install=' option.
If doing installation from optical media the installer will first boot from the driver kit and then ask to insert CD1 of the SUSE Linux Enterprise product.
An updated kernel will be used for installation and installed onto the system.

I assumed that the "insert CD1 of the SUSE Linux Enterprise product" was SLES 11 SP1. I inserted it and it did not recognize it. I am wondering if I am dealing with a not so clean install because it took SLES 11 SP4 and start going on with its load and installing patches and updates but then it rebooted and went back to not being able to do anything again.

I tried loading the the HP Proliant SLE11 SP1 disk and no success. Very frustrating trying to repeat process and see if it will work.

Any other ideas I could try?