I have an interesting problem, and I'm hoping that someone out there has done something like this.

I'm working on a hardware platform where I need to write data to a single file (from a single node) at ~13GB/sec, and I need to use a parallel file system (OCFS2, sharing read only to another node for processing later). I seem to only be able to get to 8GB/sec to a single file (writes, from only one node). If I increase the number of files to 2, then I can get to ~14GB/sec (limit to this section of the hardware config). So I know that I can get to the 13GB/sec target, but I would have to use 2x files. (I can also get there if I just mount the volume as xfs and use a single file, so the underlying hardware platform can do this).

Block size of the application is 1MB

Here's the ocfs2 mkfs options that I'm using on the volume:

-b 4096
-C 1M
-T datafiles

I'm trying to find any internal metrics/monitoring that I can do to figure out what's going on inside of OCFS2. Anyone with an "under the covers" monitoring knowledge of OCFS2 out there?

Has anyone else done some performance testing with OCFS2 that they could share that might indicate an upper limit?