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Thread: SLES 11 SP4 with Python and TLS 1.2

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    SLES 11 SP4 with Python and TLS 1.2

    Frustratingly, we cannot upgrade SLES past 11.4, so I have to get creative. We have a python script from a vendor that's running on python 2.6.9. It needs to support TLS 1.2 as a client to connect to an api.

    Python 2.6 does not support TLS 1.2, and I cannot upgrade to 2.7 because there's no package for SLES 11.4. Is there a way to get 2.7.9 or later installed on the system? We have no one on staff familiar with compiling source but we can try.

    Or, I also installed the SLES Security Module which gave us openssl v1 and support for TLS 1.2. But we also have no python experience and don't know how to get it to use openssl instead of the built in library.

    Any thoughts?
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