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Running SUSE Manager 3.2.12. I have been managing SLES 12 sp2 and sp4, as well as SLES 15 servers. So today I added the SLES 12sp5 and SLES 15sp1 products via the web UI. After the product syncs completed, I went to the CLI to create the bootstrap repos via mgr-create-bootstrap-repo command. When I ran the command, it listed my previous products and the new SLES 15sp1, but not the new SLES 12sp5. I was able to create the bootstrap repo for 15sp1, but don't understand why 12sp5 does not show up in the product list when running the mgr-create-bootstrap-repo command, and therefore also don't see how to create the bootstrap repo. Any ideas, suggestions?

Have yoiu checked with mgr-sync what products and channels have been added.
Some channels can only be added via mgr sync. Also, maybe the stnc has not completed , yet. Check the sync logs -> /var/log/rhn/reposync.log & /var/log/rhn/reposync/<your_channel>.log