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I have a single hardware server running SLES11SP4, with two VMs currently: one (vm1) for Novell OES, and a second (vm2) for GroupWise 2014. I did have a third VM for GroupWise Mobility Server but blew it away so that I could rebuild it with a suitable hostname that would be accepted when using an external certificate.
Anyway with my past experiences, creating the actual VMs using XEN was not a problem. This time I've no end of problems, usually with the VM install process ending with some Kernel problem. Yesterday I thought I was having success as the install finished but then it failed at the VM boot with the error Failed to start the VM "Boot loader didn't return any data!". I can see that on my host I have disk0.raw disk image files for my two working VMs, but none has been created for my new VM.
How do I troubleshoot this problem? Is it possible to make a copy of my working vm2, and edit this so that it would become a working vm3 onto which I can install the Mobility Service?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
In the absence of other suggestions presumably you're creating your third (GMS) VM the same as the original two (OES & GroupWise)? If so, it isn't something simple as lack of disk space as to why disk image hasn't been created?