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How do I perform an exhaustive search when using SMT/RMT?
SMT/RMT do not allow querying non-enabled repos on the client.
Anyway, SMT/RMT would need those packages synced in the first place.

https://software.opensuse.org/find seems to provide a search for SLE-*** but never returns any results (works well when selecting OpenSuse).

Anyone have an idea?

The other place is SUSE Package Hub? https://packagehub.suse.com/

Do you have an OBS account? If not, suggest you create one and then use osc from the command line to find possible packages...

One can always create a link to the package and build (unsupported of course). The other place on OBS is the backports projects for SLE.

Even better, if the package your after is in Tumbleweed, then ask the maintainer if they are willing to maintain in backports and it builds of course, then get them to submit and it will appear on SUSE PAckage Hub, a win for all