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I'm trying to upgrade my SLES12 SP4 lpar (ppc64le) to SLES15 SP1.
So it is an offline upgrade.

But for security purpose, our systems dont have access to internet except if I run few commands (export PROXY variables, copy and trust its certificat with a c_rehash command).

While booting on the Installer iso file and run the Upgrade wizard, I cant find a way to configure my proxies in order to access Suse internet repositories.
Please how can I configure my proxy (Zscaler) in the upgrade wizard ?

I dont manage the proxy, so I cant disable it or rules.

Hi and welcome to the Forum
Your proxy should should accept SUSE domain (or at least selected
sites eg updates.suse.com) without authentication.

You need to populate proxy setting in YAST and to add two lines
with your proxy information to /etc/profile, for example:

export http_proxy=""
export https_proxy=""

As well as the /root/.curlrc

Then you should be able to migrate with zypper, or are you trying to do an offline upgrade?