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Dear all experts,

My SAP HANA version is HANA 1.0 with SP level 122, I want to upgrade our SLES OS SP1 to SP4. May I clarify that should I upgrade to SP3 first and then do it again to upgrade SP4?

According to https://documentation.suse.com/sles/...pdate-sle.html

[[ Upgrading from SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 to SP4
A direct upgrade from SLE 12 SP1 to SP4 is not supported. Upgrade to SLE 12 SP2 or SP3 first.]]

Many thanks all experts.
Correct - to go from SLES12 SP1 to SLES12 SP4 you will first have to upgrade to either SLES12 SP2 or SLES12 SP3.

Are you using "regular" SLES or SLES for SAP Applications? Please can you post the output from "cat /etc/*release".