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After installed the SLED 11 R2, went to YaST2 --> Support --> two
choices relevant:

1) Novell Customer Center Configuration and

2) Support (floating ring icon)

If I select the Novell Customer Center Configuration--> fill in my
registered email --> Browser starts checking the available packages. It
then returns message: *Software repositories did not to be changed.*

But if I select the Support icon --> Open Novell Support Center -->
Novell Patch Finder --> SLED 11 R2 --> It returns *a long list of the
current patches* (Some are mandatory, others recommended).

It looks like there is no package to update, but there are patches
available for updates. For such a long list of patches, is there a
better and more efficient way for me to update them? (rather than
download and update one by one)

Either YaST online update (You), the packagekit update icon which
runs from time to time or via the commandline;
zypper ref
zypper lu
zypper up
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