Hello all,

we are using suse manger 3.2.13 and it works fine so far.

i also tried the CVE Audit function with the "Ghostcat" example but i don´t understand this mechanic.
When i search after the CVE-2020-1938 (ghostcat) i get the error

"The specified CVE number was not found. This can happen for very old or yet-unknown numbers, please also check it for possible typing errors."
I checked the last CVE update and also start a single run shedule for the "cve-server-channels" without success.

When i search after an older CVE (CVE-2019-11477) the system work as designed and i am able to see my affected machines.
some CVE are working fine and some are not available.

But why doesn´t it work on new CVE where i have a need to check the vulnerability of my servers?
Can somebody help here?

Best Regards