Fresh install of SLES 15 on x86_64 hardware using 'SLE-15-SP1-Installer-DVD-x86_64-QU2-DVD2.iso' install media from a few days ago. Registered during install and packages were also updated during install. FIPS 140-2 pattern was selected at install under Software Details. Grub Bootloader adjusted to reflect fips=1 for kernel. Everything updates and installs fine. Upon reboot, system halts. Why? Several dracut modprobe errors state that modules are missing for aes_s390 des_s390 and ghash_s390 (all state modules not found in directory /lib/modules/4.12.14-197.34-default/). A fourth dracut modprobe error states that sha1-mb module can't load. Fatal fips integrity error is next, then system is halted. (Please Note, there is no separate boot partition, we've run into that issue as well in the past but this is a different issue).

Why would x86_64 kernel fips-1 mode require s390 encryption modules?