I have installed 8GB ram on the system SLES 10 sp1, i observed only 4GB memory found in the system checked by the free -m ,top.Also i got information that this current smp kernel version is not supported above the 4GB and the kernel bigsmp is supported upto 64GB.hence i was trying to add this bigsmp kernel on this SLES 10 sp1 but unfortunately i am getting package conflict errors while installing it using yast i didn't install the new kernel bigsmp.

current kernel version : kernel-smp- ( it is supported upto the 4 GB)
supported above 4GB kernel version : ( it is supported upto 64 GB)

I want to know that the lotus domino installed on the server would get impact if i upgrade the SLES 10 sp1 to sp2 ? Also the new kernel of sp2 would supported the above 4 GB ? and Is there bigsmp on the sp2 version?

Should i upgraded either sp2 or higher version? or is there any way to fix this memory not supported without the upgrade the service pack ? please help me
Any comments ,suggestion and recommendation would be greatly apprecitated,thanks in advanced.