[QUOTE=smflood;6654]On 03/09/2012 08:04, gopalelango wrote:

> Anyone update me on this please.
> I would like to upgrade this sles 10 sp1 to sles s4 then sles sp2 as
> per the novell recommendation here
> https://www.suse.com/products/server...ed-questions/;

Note to get from SLES10 SP1 to latest SLES11 SP2 you will need to either
upgrade via each SLES10 SP in turn (so SLES10 SP1 to SLES10 SP2, then
SLES10 SP2 to SLES10 SP3, SLES10 SP3 to SLES10 SP4, finally SLES10 SP4
to SLES11 SP2) or migrate to a new SLES11 SP2 on new hardware (which is
easier if your servers are virtual since you don't then need another
physical server).


could you please suggest me that how can i go ahead to fix this kernel can't address the above 4GB memroy. Can i install the bigsmp kernel from the latest SLES sp2 cd or go through the whole upgrade processes you have suggest above. Please help me.
Also i am worry about the kernel panic after upgradation or install the bigsmp kernel. Thanks for the update.