On 31/08/2012 15:14, gopalelango wrote:

> Added : The current os version is 32 bit.

That's a very important piece of information as that's your problem
because the maximum amount of addressable memory for a 32-bit OS is 4GB
unless you're using PAE (Physical Address Extension).

Did you perhaps install this server originally with 4GB (or less) RAM
and later upgrade? That would explain why it now has the SMP kernel and
not BigSMP.

Upgrading from SLES10 SP1 to SP2 will not help. What should help is
switching to the bigsmp kernel (to enable PAE) or, if the server has a
64-bit CPU, reinstall with 64-bit SLES.

For more information see http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tip/16262.html

SLES10 SP2 does have a bigsmp kernel[1] though please note that both
SLES10 SP1 and SP2 are no longer supported with SLES10 SP4 the current &
supported version of SLES10 (SLES11 SP2 is the latest version of SLES).


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