I am new to Linux, so this question maybe dumb but I am hoping someone can lead me in the right direction. I am not looking for exacts just some steps and I will do some additional research on my own before asking anything else.

So here is my question: I am working in a small company and we would like to setup our Suse Linux Enterprise 11 Servers to run Domain Logins / DHCP / DNS /File&Print/ LDAP / GroupWise / FTP and a web site. We plan on having 3 virtual machines to do this. In what order and programs should be installed to accomplish this?

My goal is to have our employees to be able to login to any of the Windows workstations and get their proper users rights and not have to have that user be installed on the machine specifically. We have had times where the employee was working on the weekend and drive failed and was unable to login anywhere else cause they weren't installed on the machine.

Thanks in advance,