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Thread: SLES11 PHP5 and

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    SLES11 PHP5 and


    I'm trying to build the extension for PHP5 in SLES11 x86_64.
    I have a copy of the source RPM of PHP5 from the SDK, and I have all of
    the dev tools installed (I believe). I also have installed FreeTDS

    I have found some instructions on the web that seem pretty
    straightforward. Go to the extension source directory for mssql and run
    phpize. Configure the PHP5 build with mssql pointing at the FreeTDS
    location. Then run make. I don't get any errors, but they only thing
    that is created is an mssql.lo. I can't find an file

    Have I missed a step? Is there a better process to run?

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    Re: SLES11 PHP5 and

    A colleague was able to get the extension compiled. The instructions
    were correct except for one addition: he ran a 'make dist clean' before
    compiling. Must have been some caveat in the provided Novell source.

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