I am trying to run an x86 application on SLES 11 for ia-64 trough the
ia-32 Execution Layer.
This application calls setrlimit() to change de queue limits.

It works fine when executed on x86 processors. However, when I run it
on an Itanium it returns the exit code 22 (Invalid argument).

I created a simple program to test if the problem was related with the
resource number.
It tries to set all resources limits (resources 0 to 14).
When compiling this test for ia64, it works nice. Also, when compiling
it for x86 and running on x86 processor. However, it failed on Itanium
when compiled for x86 with resources 11 to 14.

Thank you in advance.

|Filename: setrlimit-test.zip |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=4153 |

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