PauliusC wrote:

> Well, according to that documentation, there are basically two ways to
> upgrade: using Online-Update + Yast or downloadable media. I used the
> first one.

Okay, but within the first one, there are also two choices:

> For installing SP2 via the respective patches, the following tools
> are supported:
> 1) YaST ("yast2 wagon")
> 2) zypper

When things go wrong, it is often because some small thing was
overlooked. If you want to find out what that might be, we have to be
very specific about what you did or did not do and review the whole

So, lets start with the document:

TID 7010200: How to upgrade to SLES/SLED 11 SP2

> SLES/SLED 11 Service Pack 2 is a full product; a variety of methods
> for updating a system exist.

If you would rather not go through the whole process again, then:
> Alternatively, the full SP2 media (DVD ISO image) can be downloaded
> and one of the following procedures can be used, especially in case
> of environments without network access:
> 3) by booting from SLES/SLED 11 SP2 media

When online upgrades fail, that is a pretty reliable way to complete
the upgrade.

> Update to SP2 via patches
> Attention: The update process has to be done completely from
> beginning to reboot. There is only a limited chance to revert
> changes. Furthermore, the server has to be connected online during
> the whole update process. Prerequisites: Users have to make sure to
> have the system registered. If this is not done already, it can
> either be registered by using the "Novell Customer Center
> Configuration" module in YaST or by using the suse_register
> commandline tool. This will add update sources to the system.

The first thing to verify: Is your system registered? If it isn't. you
won't get the updates.

Did you try to do a minimal or full migration?

Depending where/why the upgrade failed, it may not be possible to
complete it using the patch method in which case your only option would
be by booting from SLES/SLED 11 SP2 media.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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