thanks Trdr
i think i have to start slowly to switching after my boos agree with that ? and one of my friend asking my the same question ? why u want to switching and whats going to be solve ?
i said cause its more secure , stable , if the system was damaged u ll not going to los ur files and data , alot of free software are available inside the OS DVD and u can find more also free , u can find ur data if the X server crash by using terminal , its fast its really fast , and in my case i did not use any antiviruse software and my computer is ok more than one year and firewall is open also , if u r a programmer u can change in software and even in the OS depend on ur business , run some softwares on local machine that was not installed locally i mean running it from remote machine , and i think there were also alot and alot of feature ? this only i knew cause i had no alot of experience with Linux .
one of my friend asked my a question but i did not answer him cause i can not find a right answer !
he said - if i install any Linux Dis on my computer and one of my HW does not drive for E.g wireless network card ? what im going to do ?
we knew that alot of computer part for windows need drives ?
i said if you working on windows 7 or vista or xp and u did not find a wireless drive cause the manufacturer of ur computer does not proved a drive for MS windows ? what u ll going to do ?
he said nothing ?
i said itssame linux ,,, if the companies that made a computer does not made a drives for linux and does not help the linux programmers ? its a difficult to find a drives for not only linux ?
i said , look around u ,, alot of devices we were use it in our life are working on lunix base ...
Thank u very much Mikewillis
sorry for bad language !!