Hi, I'm using the POSIX timer functions (timer_create, timer_settime) to
manage comms timeouts and, under SLES 11, I'm hitting some problems.

Basically, I create a first timer then create and delete a number of
other ones before the first timer times out. When it times out, the
timeout function doesn't appear to be called and the next timer_create
call hangs up indefinitely (see attached code*). The code works fine on
SLES 10.

Attaching a debugger, I can see that the timer_create call hangs up in
pthread_mutex_lock after the first timer has expired.

Anybody any ideas? Am I abusing the timers? Has something changed in
the semantics at SLES 11?


* compiled with g++ tim3.c -o tim3s11 -lrt

|Filename: tim3.zip |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=4301 |

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