I have recently installed SLES 11 SP2, and now I'm prepping to install Oracle 11g R2.

I am following the steps of:

Oracle Database
Quick Installation Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2) for Linux x86-64
May 2012

And I'm not procedure 8, Configuring the oracle Users Environment.

I open an xterm (I'm logged as a regular user, and have sudo sh to su)

I key in (an example here)

sh-3.2# xhost xhost somehost.us.example.com
xhost: unable to open display ""

sh-3.2# xhost +
xhost: unable to open display ""

I have also tried to log on the the Oracle user "oracle" and I can get in with the username and password, but as soon as it comes up, a message displays saying that X Windows is not enabled.

I understand that X Windows is used for the Oracle install, and that it is done via the Oracle user "oracle". I cant find anything on the SLES box that has anything related to X Windows installed, or configuration.

Any advise of help in getting X Windows and I presume the x11 server, and getting the oracle user running on X Windows to get Oracle installed would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jay