Could please describe exactly what is you model, which video card you
use ?

I can ask my colleague to open a case (from HP).



marryz;2134530 Wrote:
> Hello!
> I don't know whether this is correct place for asking, but anyway I
> can't understand how official support center works. And previously I
> want to excuse for my grammar, because English is not my native language
> (and for many letters too))
> The problem is next.
> I bought notebook (HP Compaq 625) with pre-installed SLED 11 SP1. I
> liked this OS (in fact I have OpenSuse installed at my stationary PC
> :-)), but there are some troubles with software on it:-(
> First time I updated all proposed by Yast and installed all that I need
> - and OS worked whole week before crash. But two days ago I installed
> some software and updated some proposed packages - and after that OS
> hadn't started. In fact, it had - I saw green intro, but after that
> black display was instead of login form. And I wasn't able to do
> anything except recovery factory system (I hasn't done my point of
> recovering yet) - and I lost all my documents and all my weekly work. It
> was tragedy((
> I had something like that with OpenSuse, but there I have some
> "alternative" simple OS mode, by which I was able to enter and save my
> documents before recovering. So, I decided that the problem was in my
> experiments with software (it asked for changing vendor). And I started
> from the begining - all updates, preferences, software, etc. But after
> that (I install minimum of additional software!) problem was repeated!
> О_о I recovered factory OS again((((( At this time I didn't
> install any software - I catched to perform updates only - and after
> rebooting I had this problem again. And at this time I nearly understood
> what causes that - some updates-packages with X11org or something like
> that (graphical server, if I correcly understood). I have the analogical
> problem with this X11 org on my stationary PC, where OpenSuse is
> installed - but I didn't remeber how I solved it((
> The main question is - how to avoid it next time? Because I need
> updates, I need software and I need video codecs for my notebook - and I
> didn't know what and how to install so that this problem was not
> repeated again.... I haven't "administration skills" for understanding
> "inner underground" and dependences((
> And I want to ask - may I do something, maybe with partitions (I don't
> know whether this is correct word) - so that after recovering system my
> documents in home folder would not be deleted?? I don't want to do
> backups of all my documents every hour in order to protect them. I want
> that notebook as stable stationary work station.
> _Additional:__
> 1. I have something strange with my touchpad - scroll on it doesn't
> work periodically, and after rebooting begins to work again.
> 2. What repo is "compatible" for SLED 11 SP1? I need additional,
> because default repos have no all software that I need. I tried Packman
> and from, but I am afraid of conflicts. What exactly can I
> use?
> 3. What software and codecs should I install to have working
> video-player? First time I managed to see video by random installing all
> proposed - but I think where should be correct way))

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