Official Novell support is at click on 'Submit new SR'
(or equivalent in your language) but I do not know if this works for
SLED bought with HP computer. (Arnaudk93 - can you perhaps clarify
exactly how people who have got SLED on a HP computer get support for
SLED? Is it from Novell or from HP?)

marryz;2134530 Wrote:
> I recovered factory OS again((((( At this time I didn't install any
> software - I catched to perform updates only - and after rebooting I had
> this problem again.

It is good that you do this because it eliminates third party software
as the cause of the problem. It sounds like there is maybe a bug in

Please can you you post the output of these commands

$ zypper lr -u

$ /sbin/lspci -nnk

When posting the output put CODE tags around it (look for # button when
writing post)

marryz;2134530 Wrote:
> I saw green intro, but after that black display was instead of login
> form.

In this situation you can usually press Ctrl-Alt-F1 and log in to a
command line to fix things.

If your operating system is broken and will not let you log in do not
have to lose all your files. You can boot from a LiveCD (e.g. openSUSE
or Ubuntu) to access your files and copy them to an external USB drive.

marryz;2134530 Wrote:
> And I want to ask - may I do something, maybe with partitions (I don't
> know whether this is correct word) - so that after recovering system my
> documents in home folder would not be deleted?? I don't want to do
> backups of all my documents every hour in order to protect them. I want
> that notebook as stable stationary work station.

Usually when you want to be able to keep the contents of your home
directory whilst completely re-installing the OS you put /home on to a
separate partition. I don't know how HP recovery works though. Also you
should still back up you home directory before re-installing the OS in
case something goes wrong or you do something wrong and end up wiping

marryz;2134530 Wrote:
> 2. What repo is "compatible" for SLED 11 SP1? I need additional,
> because default repos have no all software that I need. I tried Packman
> and from, but I am afraid of conflicts. What exactly can I
> use?

You can often find software at ' Search Results'
What software are you looking for?

marryz;2134530 Wrote:
> 3. What software and codecs should I install to have working
> video-player?

You have a working video player. The problem is that it doesn't support
all the codecs you want. You can use Packman repos, though this can
sometimes require you to replace packages provided in SLED which
personally I do not like doing. I use this method 'Additional multimedia
codec support for SLED 11 SP1 | Novell User Communities'
it is not the easiest method, but it is in my opinion the one which
comes with the least amount of risk because it does not require
replacing any packages that are provided in SLED.

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