I didn't notice any reference to the 90-days trial period and long term
basic support on the HP website. I ended up buying a new license from
Novell and doing a clean install with the DVD image, always from

Arnaudk93;2145026 Wrote:
> Hi !
> Sorry for your disappointment. But I disagree with your comment on HP
> lack of support. HP does provide 2 kinds of SLED license : 90 days trial
> period and long term basic support (3 years). I depends on which model
> you buy.
> There are known issues with NCC. For instance, I tried personally to
> register a MSI AP 1920 computer (with SLED 11 OEM). Even if I put the
> right infiormation during the NCC registration (email address), I never
> saw my product/system on the NCC portal.
> There is a team at HP that works closely with SUSE. Bugs are sometimes
> hard to replicate.
> Regards,
> Arnaud

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