One of my servers, IBM xSeries x366, has been running without issue using SLES11 SP1 /OES2 SP3, as a XEN Host to multiple VMs. I just upgraded the OS to SLES11 SP2 /OES 11 SP1, and now the system only reboots when I try to boot to the XEN Kernel. It starts to boot, and I see normal loading text on the screen, but, then it switches the graphics mode and the screen goes black and then reboots.

It works fine with the standard kernel, and when I boot with XEN Trace kernel it hangs looking for "Part2" of the system disk. The disks are assigned by ID so that isn't they issue.

If I knew had to setup the ipmitools then I could capture the output, but, I haven't found an quick starters guide on that.

Any thoughts?