I'm trying to install SLES SP1 and SP2 over the network using AUTOYast. Everything goes through fine till the very end, where I face an issue with the bootloader installation.
Please refer to the attached image


I have no way of debugging what the error is, since I don't know where the logs (if any) are stored on the server.
I tried both the old and new versions of the bootloader section in the xml file. What I mean to say is, I've tried both of these:




I've tried two different copies of the ISO images, fearing there might be corruption. But I get the same error for both images, and for another SP1 image also.
I also know that I've had no problem installing SLES 11 (no SP) using autoyast, with the 2nd type of bootloader configuration entries. So this is specific to SP1 and SP2.

The hardware I'm trying to install this on is a Sun X2250 server with around 8 GB of RAM.

Any suggestions will be really helpful!