Well, their 50th anniversary is this saturday. My brother and I tried
to get something planned for them, some kind of surprise dinner or

They weren't very cooperative as far as when they were going to be
where. They are planning on going back 'home' and where they went on
their honeymoon.

I think one of my aunts spilled the beans about us planning something,
as I was told by my Mom...........NO PARTY.

They decided to stay in Casper through this weekend and my brother and
I are going to dinner with them Sat night. Yes yes, we are picking up
the tab. :-)

Nice surprise though, my uncle (Mom's brother), his wife, and a couple
of my Mom's sisters are coming out to surprise them at dinner. I'll
have to clarify to Mom that it was not my idea. :-)

Anyway, not sure if any of you would want to email them, as I think
this is quite an accomplishment, feel free to do so at tamdanaher AT
bresnan DOT net. Might want to wait until tomorrow or Saturday to
email if you do, since it's not actually until sat.

Thanks to you that do email them, hopefully no spammers pick their
email address out. <G>