Hi ;
As I understand it the suggested file system for the root '/' not /boot is BTRFS, since it will snap the configuration when you go into and out of YAST and you can restore. All well and good. When installing I configured my FSTAB to uuid, I just practiced upgrading.
I am now ready to start configuring my servers and I go to clonezilla then and I am receiving the following error:
Clonezilla version 6/26 precise:
Reading Super Block
couldn't open because of unsupported option features (a).
partclone.btrfs: btrfs/disk-io.c:682: open_ctree_fd: Addertion '!(1)' failed.
Checking the disk space...
(standard_in) 1: syntax error
(Then in red text)
Something went wrong!!!
(The red text is a nice touch