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cfastner <cfastner@no-mx.forums.novell.com> wrote:

> Malcolm:
> I have NOT added the SLE SDK nor the repository, could you assist me
> with instructions on how to do this?
> Thanks again!
> Charlie
> ~~~

If you download the DVD1 iso image only for your arch here;

DVD2 is just the src rpms and not needed (unless your wanting the
source rpms of course).

Then save the iso image to the server and then use YaST Add on products
by selecting the 'add' and point to the iso image, it should then add
the necessary repositories for updates as well.

The other option is to check on your Novell Customer Center select 'My
Products' -> 'Mirror Credentials' and add manually (again via YaST) for
the SLE10-SDK-SP3 repositories and add the Username and Password at the
top of the list.

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