Wasn't sure where to post, and If you direct me, would be most obliging.
Had seen a few posts addressing (_netdev) issues, somewhat like this one:

On a SUSE Virtual,

Mounting from /etc/fstab using _netdev
//Windows-virtual.net.gc.ca/gcdocs_data_1 /gcdocs_data_1 cifs credentials=/etc/.smbpasswd,file_mode=0666,dir_mode=0777,_netdev 0 0

Results in: (/var/log/messages)
Oct 18 15:08:51 Suse-virtual-server kernel: [357092.226608] CIFS: Unknown mount option _netdev

The Suse-Virtual-server info: ( Virtual on ESX VMware)
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server ver 11 SP1 64

I understand the purpose of _netdev, and have seen different explanations for probable cause including a possible bug, but would like to request your feedback as this may be replicated on like Suse virtuals in the future.

Best Regards,
joev joe.vorstandlechner@pwgsc.gc.ca