I was working with a customer recently who had a prior engineer setup a backup method where they used rsync to backup folders and such to a local nas. Basically they used a mount command to mount the shares on the nas locally and then used rsync to copy to that share. The command they used was:

rsync -ahz --delete-after --stats local path /mnt/share on nas

I am new to using this command and read through the man page on it, but was wondering if someone could share a little more on what this command acutally does. The -ahz I assume are combined switches, but the delete-after I am not sure of. Bascially they are using this to copy data on NSS voluems to local nas know, but I would like to edit it to also backup their local ifolder data as well, which is on a ext3 partition. They don't have any other method to backup their data, and this seems to work fine, but wanted to get a little more info on it. Any advice would be appreciated.