I am not sure I am in the right thread. If not, can you direct me to the right thread?

I have a client that is running Netware 6.5 to backup their Groupwise Post Office using Syncsort and I am trying to set up the same environment. I want to restore their post office under the same environment. I am not able to purchase Netware 6.5 anywhere so I am going to purchase the upgrade, which I believe is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Is this correct? I am going to load it onto a machine now running Windows XP. I realize that I will have to wipe XP off and install the SUSE product. First question: Is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server the next upgrade from Netware 6.5? Is it backward compatible with Netware 6.5? Can I get away with purchasing just the Basic version? Is it something I can purchase, download and install the same Day?