hi, i swear i tried out every single solution i heard of on the net but still i cannot install any rpm except those coming from the repositories. this system is a HP 630 laptop with SLED 11 sp1 (no **** way to get SP2 installed, BTW and this is definitely crazy. not to mention that when i installed KDE i couldn't return to gnome any longer: no matter if in the login i selected GNOME, the started session was KDE. period. had to uninstall everything ).
in gnome, clicking on a package i get the infamous error :

[PK_TMP_DIR|dir:///var/tmp/TmpDir.OFhJa9] Repository already exists.

attempted to clean /var/tmp; to delete PK_TMP_DIR from sources list: it pops up out again.

. if i try to install with zypper any RPM in a directory , well zypper tells me that it is "impossible" to find the package, even if i pass an absolute path. i'm wondering if and how zypper can install a local rpm.
using rpm -i only ends up with lots of whining about missing dependencies with the humour touch of complaining about the lack of... the exact package i''m attempting to install.
so in the end i find myself with a vastly useless system since im stuck with the few packages provided by the installation repository, and the only way to have something new is compiling sources.
installing software should be a trivial task. with SLED 11 sp1 i can't even get openssl-dev installed . this is totally crazy. hope someone will be able to enlighten me about what im doing wrong or i'll be forced to sack SUSEless and revert to debian. it's not that i don't like tinkering with linux. i've been doing this eleven years strong but when i bought this laptop i expected a robust commercial linux system ready to go but what i got is one of the most vicious distros ever.